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Ideas for content:

  • the governing documents (Constitution, By-Laws)

  • the budget, once completed > maybe a breakdown of that budget like a pie chart or something that's easy to read without much effort (students don't really care but if its simple we can get them to look at least)

  • a breakdown of the exec positions and what each department does (ask me for help)

  • a breakdown of the board and what they do (ask me for help)

  • where this text is, you can add a bit of an intro paragraph into the breakdown, plus maybe that graphic

The Ontario Tech Science Council employs various governing documents to keep ourselves held accountable. The primary policy we use is the Constitution, which is a written record of who we are, and a mandatory document for all student societies on campus. It establishes our identity, our structure, membership, the fees we collect, and how we conduct our major yearly actions. In order to make any changes to this document, we have to propose an amendment to our students, and we must receive their approval. This kind of an amendment can only occur at our Annual General Meeting, or through a Referendum, which is essentially a poll sent out to our students.

The second policy we have is our By-Laws. This document addresses the regular functioning of the Council, and lays out descriptions for our departmental roles as well as regulations for meetings. The contents of our By-Laws affect the Council and not our students, so changes to this document requires permission from the Council itself, so we may adjust our actions as are most practical.

Department of Internal Affairs
  • Ensures thorough communication within the Council

  • Manages all administrative and documentary tasks

  • Liaises with faculty and other on-campus groups

Department of External Affairs
  • Liaises with external organizations to provide opportunities for students

  • Organizes sponsorships and partnerships

  • Generates community involvement off-campus

Department of Communications
  • Develops our brand image

  • Manages our our social media and website, and creates content for posting

  • Ensure proper marketing of events and Council activities

Department of Finance
  • Creates budgets and finances

  • Permits disbursements from our accounts as necessary

  • Manages financial risk and ensures transparency

Department of Academic Affairs
  • Plans academic, professional, and networking events

  • Supports students in pursuing a better academic experience

  • Provides resources to equip students for skills needed in university and beyond

Department of Student Life
  • Engages students in social activities and events

  • Facilitate an environment that fosters a sense of community spirit and allows students to make friendships

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