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Staging Area for upcoming Events (events in development - not for public view)


Panel Discussion

Words of Wisdom

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March 22-25

6:00 pm


As the year wraps up and final year students are leaving Ontario Tech, the rest of us will benefit from their wisdom left behind for us. It will be a meet the majors event where four speakers, each from different majors in the faculty of science will speak about their career goals post undergrad, their tips to success and hacks that lead them to be successful. Each speaker will submit a 2 minute video to us which we will post to our OT science council instagram close friends story. Only students who are from Ontario Tech who respond to an Instagram poll with “Yes, Interested” will be added to the story.


Guest Speaker

Ontario Science Case Competition

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May 15

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Zoom and Twitter

This event is an event under OSSA and allows students to share their innovative ideas in a competitive environment. This year the Ontario Science Case competition will be held virtually over two days. The first day will consist of a conference call over Zoom which highlights information about the event as well as introduces participants to professionals in the industry. These professionals will talk about their experiences as well as topics surrounding sustainable living. On the second day, participants will have to share their poster of their sustainable living idea on Twitter using a specific hashtag. This hashtag will allow all the posts to be in one place to let view the different ideas. Judges that have been hand selected by the team will then conduct judging over the course of three days. The first day of judging will allow the judges to ask questions to individual groups. The following days will allow judges to look at each project in more depth to accurately access the project and whether or not the marking scheme was followe

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